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Technology & Amenities


Relax & Unwind

Personal video displays and headphone sets. Time will fly as you relax and watch your favorite movie or television program, all while we work on perfecting your smile. Widescreen TV, Pandora, Netflix, Roku, Headphones, Hot-towel service and more!


bluetooth headphones


Headphones to tune out noises from dental equipment and help you stay comfortable in the dental chair.   Listen to your favorite music or show while having your dental needs fulfilled.


Hot Towel Service

Leave our office REFRESHED after your visit with us.  Nobody likes leaving the dentist with a numb feeling lip and face.  Last but not least, after your treatment is over, we offer a hot towel service to help relax your jaw muscles. Just a couple minutes of applying the hot towel to your jaw muscle will make the rest of your day easier! your dental needs fulfilled.


3D Technology

No more gooey stuff in your mouth. 3 Shape Trios  is an intraoral scanner for fast and easy 3D color impression taking; an integrated intraoral camera and shade measurement tool for more accurate and predictable results.

Digital X-ray System

Digital X-Rays

By using a computer program and an electronic sensor we are able to take digital x-rays, which are available to read immediately. Gone are the use of toxic chemicals used to develop films and the lengthy time needed to process them. These x-rays require up to 90% less radiation than traditional diagnostic dental x-rays. The image can be enhanced electronically to aid in diagnostic accuracy and speed.

Electric Handpiece

 Electric Handpieces and Fiber Optics

More efficient than traditional air driven handpieces, this new technology cuts down on procedure time. Fiber optics shoot out illuminating light providing better visibility to perform dental procedures.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

A handy pen-sized, camera-tipped wand helps us take high resolution images of your teeth. Seeing is believing, this will help us communicate your current oral conditions and recommend any necessary treatment.



With Isolite, patients don’t have to strain to keep their mouth open during the entire procedure. The built-in bite block allows the patient to comfortably rest their jaw while keeping their mouth open at all times. The pairing of bite block with continuous aspiration gives the dental professional uninterrupted access to an entire quadrant.

Isolite is the only dental device that delivers illumination, aspiration and retraction all in one easy-to-use, time-saving tool that makes isolation easy and provides uninterrupted access to the patient. Better isolation = Better dentistry

Piezo Scaler

Piezo Scalers

Better than traditional ultrasonics, Piezo’s help remove tartar, plaque and stains more effeciently. It is equipped with fiber optics aiding in better visibility inside the mouth. It has several uses in dental surgery as well.

Rotary Endontics

Rotary Endodontics

We use latest advancements in endodontics to perform root canals. This helps us get it done more effectively and typically in one visit.


Soft Tissue Laser

The Picasso Laser is a very precise soft tissue surgical instrument. Most procedures can be done quickly and precisely without anesthesia. Incision, excision, vaporization, ablation and hemostasis of soft tissues in the oral cavity can be accomplished with minimal and/or no sensitivity, bleeding, pain, sutures or post-operative complications.


Widescreen LED TV’s

We have installed flat panel LED TVs in every room. This allows us to educate the patient on their dental needs.

Our Happy Patients

"Dr. Patel and his staff are knowledgeable, professional, and absolutely wonderful. As a person who has, for years, experienced anxiety when faced with trips to the dentist, I am delighted to have found this practice. Not only is Dr. Patel personable and likable, he very clearly explains his recommendations and uses up-to-date x-ray and photo technology to show his patients what he sees during his thorough examination."

W. O.

"My dental experience with Dr. Patel has been nothing but amazing. He took time to explain any concerns and questions i had. He actually took time to make me understand the cause of my problem and told me what to do to prevent it from happening again. Most doctors just fix the problem and let you go until it happens again. He is very gentle and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend going to Dr. Patel. Going to his office feels like I'm stepping in a spa at first. All the dental anxiety is forgot as soon as i see Dr. Patel's caring personality."

Nirali J.

"I would recommend Dr. Patel (and his staff) to anyone who is looking for a dentist that genuinely cares about their patients. Overall I had a great experience."

Ron N.
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