Your Next Dental Appointment Is Coming! Know How to Prepare in Raleigh, NC

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Are you excited for your next dental appointment with us at Falls Lake Dental? You must be! Aside from having your teeth thoroughly cleaned, the idea of having a fresh mouth and healthy gums are indeed refreshing. To help you prepare for your regular checkup appointment, we listed down tips that might be helpful in making your dental chair experience a fabulous one.


Dental Checkup


Confirm your appointment

The thought of coming to the dental office two hours early or perhaps several hours late because of a wrong schedule is infuriating. To avoid this unwanted scenario, give us a call beforehand to verify your appointment time.

Provide the dentist with significant information

The dentist needs all your medical history for them to be aware of the things they should observe and even avoid.

Record your medications if possible

Allow the dental professional to know if you are taking specific medications. Write it down, including their dosages, and how often do you take them.

Be a little early

Sometimes, the dental office requires the patient some paperwork such as filling out a form before undergoing the procedure. To avoid cramming and rushing, show up a little early. This way, you can expect to get things done on time.

Prepare your mouth

You want to impress your dentist with a fresh, clean mouth during your regular dental checkup, right? To do so, properly brush your teeth, and follow it up by flossing to eliminate unwanted particles in between your teeth completely.

List down some questions or concerns

A week before your appointment, you may take note of the things that you want to discuss with your dentist.

Let the dentist know about what you feel

Feeling anxious about the procedure? Talk to your dentist. They can help to make you feel at ease during your appointment, but first, you need to open up.

At Falls Lake Dental, you can be honest with us. Let us know everything that’s going on into your mind while at the dental chair. We are sure to give you a smooth dental experience that you always deserve.


We provide Regular Checkups in Raleigh, NC. Book your appointment with us at Falls Lake Dental and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!